Are There Advantages To Higher Strength Eliquid?

While many adults have really tried various brands of eliquid flavors from local convenience stores in an attempt to get far from tobacco smoking, many have still not found a satisfactory encounter due to lackluster quality or the low nicotine degree.

At V2, we have confidence in providing a remedy to this reoccurring issue by offering cheap e liquid and cartridges in multiple nicotine strengths, including our greatest—2.4%. When nicotine is consumed by vapers through an ecig, they really absorb not as much nicotine than when they smoke a normal tobacco cigarette. This implies that for a smoker to look for the same encounter using an ecig, they want an eliquid with a higher nicotine level. It’s these higher degrees that produce the electronic cigarette a really workable option to tobacco that is combustible.

Anti-tobacco advocates like the creator, Matt Myers and president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, has supported eliquid vapor apparatus to receiving nicotine without taking in the thousands of known carcinogenic substances that can be seen in tobacco smokes as an adult choice.

Myers is about the record as saying that if “responsibly promoted and correctly modulated, e cigarettes could help the public health.” In addition to Myers, several physicians and studies have shown that when we’re discussing ways to transition from tobacco smoking, the eliquid in electronic cigarettes is “a better, less dangerous choice.”